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This page is 'work in progress' and is intended to contain the best resources for web design and internet marketing that I have come across. Please check back later as I will continue to update this page. In the meantime here are a few resources/websites that I thoroughly recommend! If you are interested here is our advertising disclosure policy.

Searching for that perfect image?

IStockPhoto has an enormous selection of royalty-free images ranging in price from $0 to $20.

Online button generation

Eric Dennison has made a superb little online button creator. It has options for mouseover and non-mouseover versions. You can use an image or text to create the button.

Create PDFs online for free

PDF Online will convert your files to PDF format for free and email them to you. File formats supported are:

I had a couple of Word documents to convert. The turn around time for the first one was very quick. Then I was left waiting, regularly checking my email Inbox for the second document which I ended up submitting twice. Eventually I tried a different email address and got the second document back quickly. About an hour later I received emails for the previous two submissions. This leads me to suspect that they have a priority system that favours new email addresses. I'm not complaining, they are kind enough to provide this service free. This note is just a 'heads up' if you get left waiting for the emailed pdf.

Effective email marketing

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There are many programs out there that allow you create and manage email campaigns. Usually you either buy the software or rent it on a monthly basis. The downside with buying software is that either it is very expensive or if not, does not have the full feature set that you desire. The downside with renting it is that you may not want to send out newsletters monthly and so end up paying for months when you don't use it.

Vertical Response has a fantastic feature rich solution that allows you to pay per email. Cost per email starts at only 0.015 cents (US cents). That's less than 2 cents! Cost decreases when buying larger lots of credits. Vertical Responses's high quality email creation, hosting, listing building and reporting services are free!

Turn those contacts into paying customers NOW! Try VerticalResponse, Inc.

Stuck for words?

Check your spelling at They also have a Thesaurus which is great for helping one to phrase something differently.


Want to run PHP and MySQL locally on Windows without installing a webserver, PHP and MySQL separately? Then try WampServer. It is free, easy to install, configure and use. What more can I say?

Internet Business Promoter

IBP is a fantastic tool that will help you find the right keywords and get ranked in the search engines. You can download a free trial, with limited functionality that is not time limited. It takes some of the 'leg work' out of creating and tracking link building campaigns plus so much more! Try out some great SEO Software now!

Free Website Templates

If you are looking to reduce development time or for that look and feel you either cannot imagine or create, a good resource can be found at Open Web Design. Be aware, that you may need to keep the designer/owner's copyright notices on websites you create using these templates. Be sure to read the Licence.

To avoid confusion, we have no ties with the organization above, other than the 'same name'. They use the word 'open' to refer to 'open source software'. We use the word 'open' to refer to integrity and truth.

Thanks for your interest. Happy browsing!


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